General Information

Places Remaining

Please contact us to request a tour if you are interested in transferring your child to Magna Academy. We would love to show you our Academy in action. Similarly, if your child is at primary/junior school and you are considering secondary education options, please either click the link above or the blue button in the left-hand column of this page to request a Magna Academy tour.

To make an application to transfer a child to Magna, please contact the Borough of Poole's admissions team on 01202 261936 or email

Magna Academy offers up to 180 places per year group. 

Code of Conduct

Hard copies of the Magna Academy 'Whatever It Takes' agreement form can be downloaded here in PDF and MS Word formats:

Whatever It Takes (PDF version)
Whatever It Takes (MS Word version)

The agreement is also available to read on this site by clicking on this link.

Post-16 places are available for all students in the area. For more information about our Sixth Form, click here. Please apply directly to the Academy.