All pastoral enquiries are first handled by your child’s Head of Year. A Head of Year has a primary interest in the pastoral welfare of everyone in their Year Group, both students and staff.

If we were to accept emails direct to the Pastoral Team, that link between the educational and the pastoral might well be broken and opportunities may be missed to help support and guide other colleagues. We would never want to address a pastoral issue without also understanding its educational impact and this method of filtering helps to ensure we look at the student in a fully-rounded way rather than separating out care and education as two different subjects. The whole needs of the student are always our primary concern.


Please click on the relevant Head of Year name below to open your own local email service on your device.

Year Groups Head of Year
Sixth Form Mrs Biddle
Years 10 & 11 Miss Kettle
Years 8 & 9 Miss Ridge
Year 7 Miss Spicer

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