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Our Policies

Policy Title Published Update Review
Accessibility Plan 2020 10-2020   10-2021
Admissions Policies:
2020-2021; 2021-2022; 2022-2023
01-2020   01-2021
Anti-Bullying 01-2019 *tbc tbc
Assessment 10-2020   09-2021
Attendance 11-2020 *tbc tbc
Behaviour 09-2020   09-2021
Blended Learning 12-2020   09-2021
Charging and Remissions 05-2019   05-2021
Complaints 11-2019   09-2021
Cover Management 10-2020   09-2021
E-Safety 11-2016 Pending
Educational Visits 11-2020 *tbc tbc
Exams: Conflict of Interest Policy RSL 09-2019 Pending
Exams: General Data Protection Regulations 05-2018 Pending
Futures Policy:
(Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance including Provider Access Statement)
06-2020 *tbc *06-2020
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Governance 09-2020   12-2020
Grievance 09-2019   09-2021
Homework 09-2020 *tbc tbc
IT Acceptable Use 11-2019   09-2021
Lettings 01-2019   01-2020
Medical ('Supporting Students with Medical Conditions') - interim publication 11-2020 Pending
Recognition, Rewards & Competition Policy 09-2020   09-2022
Relationships and Sex Education 07-2020   07-2021
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy • Annex v1.0: COVID-19 Academy closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Magna Academy 09-2020   09-2021
Single Equality Policy 09-2020 *tbc tbc
Sixth Form Dress Code 11-2020   11-2021
Special Educational Needs • SEND Information Report 10-2020 *tbc tbc
Staff Code of Conduct 09-2020   09-2022
Staff Dress Code 11-2020   11-2021
Uniform: Years 7-11 09-2020   09-2021
Use of Physical or Restrictive Intervention 05-2013 *LA/tbc 05-2016
Whistleblowing 12-2018   09-2021