Letters Home: To Parents and Carers

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12 January 2021 Request for student to attend: From Key Worker/For Vulnerable Child Magna Academy
12 January 2021 Consent for Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing at Magna Academy Magna Academy


2021: February

23 February National Careers Week Discovery Events • Event Topics Mrs Stafford
23 February Launch of Parents' Forum • February Meeting Notes Mrs Stafford
11 February Principal's Newsletter Ms Ullah
10 February Year 9 Imperial College London: Engineering Summer School Mrs Bleeze
09 February Year 9 Bubble closureYear 9 Self-Isolation Ms Ullah
08 February Key Stage 3: Live Lessons in Music and Drama Mrs Giles
Miss Bennett
08 February Adverse Weather Procedure Ms Ullah
04 February Year 10 Women in STEM Online Event: Wednesday, 17 February Mrs Stafford
04 February Mrs Stafford


2021: January

29 January Principal's Letter: Remote Education Ms Ullah
29 January Teaching and Learning Change Miss Poore
28 January Year 11 Assessment Letter Mr Potter
28 January Year 13 Assessment Letter Mrs Rodgers
28 January Live Streaming Update Mr Buller
21 January Remote Learning: Live Streaming Launch
Timetables by Year Group:
Y7 • Y8 • Y9 • Y10 • Y11 • Sixth Form
Mrs Mashike
Mr Buller
20 January Remote Learning: Personal Development Curriculum Mr Buller
Mrs Sharma-Sly
19 January Year 7 Bubble Ms Ullah
19 January Year 7 Bubble: Self Isolation Ms Ullah
19 January Year 12 Assessments Mr Higgins
15 January Live Assemblies for Year 12 students Mrs Stafford
15 January World Religion Day Mrs Rodgers
14 January Magna Futures Online
inclues: University Taster Days • Careers In Law •
Work Experience, January 2021
Mrs Stafford
14 January Futures: Action Plan • Sixth Form Careers: Action Plan Mrs Stafford
12 January Remote Learning Update Mrs Mashike
11 January Academy Heating Ms Ullah
08 January Letter to all Year 11 students Mrs Cook
08 January Letter to all Year 13 students Mrs Rodgers
07 January Changes to the January/February 2021 Vocational Examination Series Mr Potter
05 January Letter from Principal re: National Lockdown Ms Ullah


2020: December

31 December Letter from Principal re: January Opening Ms Ullah
17 December KS3 Student Progress: Timetables: Years 7, 8 and 9 Mr Higgins
17 December Newsletter Launches:
Your Future Now • The STEM Times
Mrs Stafford
16 December Principal's Newsletter: December 2020 Ms Ullah
16 December Year 11: Mock Exams, including Exams Timetable
(see also Revisions Materials on Year 11 page)
Mr Higgins
15 December Year 13 Assessment Point 1 Mr Higgins
11 December January 2021 Examinations for Year 11 & Sixth Form Mr Higgins
10 December Canford Heath Baby Bank Miss Young
08 December Year 12: Mock Exams, including: Timetable • Effective Revision Mr Higgins
04 December Apprenticeships Presentation, including: Parents & Carers Pack Mrs Stafford
03 December Magna Futures Online, including:
Rockley College Virtual Open Evening • University Taster Days • 
Johnson Matthey Virtual Skills and Careers Week
Mrs Stafford


2020: November

30 November Principal's Newsletter Ms Ullah
27 November Tassomai Home Learning Mrs Shepherd
27 November STEM Potential Programme Mrs Bleeze
23 November Futures Education: Two Events: Letter • 'Dorset Careers Live' Flyer Mrs Stafford
19 November Year 11 Information Workshop Mrs Stafford
18 November Remote Learning: Google Classroom Guidance Video Mrs Mashike
17 November Personal Development Curriculum: Unit Two
Year 7 • Year 8 • Year 9 • Year 10
Mr Buller
13 November Coronavirus Update Ms Ullah
12 November Personal Development (Unit 2): Futures Education Mrs Stafford
11 November Year 9 Mock Examinations (4 documents):
Letter • Effective Revision • Timetable 9FTimetable 9S
Mr Higgins
11 November Year 10 Art & Photography: Raising Achievement Ms Munro
11 November Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening Mrs Rodgers
10 November STEM Enrichment Activities Mrs Bleeze
10 November Year 11 Futures Education • Parents & Carers Guide Ms Stafford
09 November Year 13 Mock Examinations Mr Higgins
09 November Year 12 Assessment Mr Higgins
06 November Year 11 Personal Development Unit 2: Futures Education Mr Potter
04 November Guidance from Government on Face Coverings in Schools Ms Ullah
04 November Hot Meals Trial Miss Healy


2020: October

23 October Principal's Newsletter, including:
Information and Guidance UpdateExpectations Agreement (Covid-19 Pandemic)Halloween message from Dorset Police • Online Safety Newsletter (November 2020)
Ms Ullah
19 October Google Classroom Mr Higgins
19 October Remote Learning Plan Mrs Mashike
19 October Online Safety Newsletter  
16 October Principal's Letter re: School Temporary Closure Ms Ullah
13 October Covid-19 Update Ms Ullah
05 October Parent's Forum Mrs Stafford
02 October Sixth Form Futures Conference • Flyer • Russell Group VC Mrs Stafford


2020: September

28 September Covid 19 Update Ms Ullah
25 September SUN Conference & NHS Opportunities Mrs Stafford
24 September Election of Parent Governors: Nominations Aspirations Trust
24 September Remote Learning Survey Mrs Mashike
15 September Year 7: Next Stage of Induction Mr Buller
11 September Principal's Newsletter • Homework Policy Ms Ullah
07 September New Behaviour Policy Miss Poore
04 September Principal's Newsletter Ms Ullah