Revision: Maths

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Revision Tips:

  • Use mind maps and postcards to help you revise key facts, formulae and methods
  • Display mind maps/postcards on the wall so they are constantly in sight
  • Use past paper questions to practise key topics, test your understanding and check progress
  • Get someone to test you – particularly on definitions, facts and formulae you need to learn
  • Revisit the exam papers you have already completed – do corrections, find out about any topics you do not understand (use mymaths and revision guides for support)
  • Highlight the key words and numbers in ‘worded’ problems to help you identify the important information you need to use
  • Plan to spend one hour each evening revising for your maths exam – pick one or 2 key topics to work on each day
  • Use your Personal Learning Checklist to identify the topics you need to work on (and keep practising those you do understand!)


Revision Resources:


Login: magna
Password: hexagon
Use your own personal login and password (see own maths teacher or Miss Healy if you do not have this.)
Focus on the 'booster' packs at the appropriate grade, e.g. D to C or A/A* etc.
Statistics revision and practice materials are also available on MyMaths.


  • MathsWatch app


Revision Guides and Workbooks to buy:
(from your Maths teacher or Miss Healy)

Higher Level Revision Guide - Edexcel £2.00
Higher Level Workbook - Edexcel £2.00
Higher Level Exam Practice Workbook - Edexcel £2.00
Foundation Level Exam Practice Workbook - OCR £2.00
Foundation Level Revision Guide £1.00


Foundation Level students have already been given a workbook to support  their learning in lessons, and for use as homework/general revision.

Statistics Revision Guides and Workbooks will also be available to buy soon.