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Here at Revision: History, you will find all the resources you need to enable you to enhance your knowledge and to test your understanding. If there are more and/or different resources that you believe it would be good to add then please let a member of staff know. We are always keen to improve the revision toolkit for students.
Edexcel History tests your knowledge and skills on:
There are three History exams, each worth 25% of your total grade. The Controlled Assessment on Britain in the 1960s is also worth 25%.
BBC Learning Zone Find video clips from the past
BBC Bitesize: GCSE History A host of history materials
John D Clare Valuable study information on Germany
School History Do you know enough to 'fling the teacher'?
Puzzlemaker: Discovery Education Create your own revision puzzles using key words and concepts
Resources:   Life in Hitler's Germany

Taboo Game: Taboo is a word guessing game in which the objective of the game is for a player to have their partner guess the word on his/her card without using the word itself. Download the PDF here.

How To Tackle A Unit:   Germany 1919-1945
GCSE Revision Guide:    Germany 1919-1945
Revision Cards: Nazi Germany
Censorship and Suppression     Nazi Methods of Control     Opposition to the Nazis    
Rise of the Nazi Party     The Weimar Republic     Young People and Women

Revision Cards: Weimar Germany
The Republic     Aftermath of WW1     Problems with Weimar     Stresemann and Recovery

Foundation PIXL Mats:   Germany-F01     Germany-F02     Germany-F03     Germany-F04

Higher PIXL Mats:           Germany-H01     Germany-H02     Germany-H03    Germany-H04