Art and Design

Adobe Spark (16)

Art and Design: Key Stage 3

Students in the early years of secondary school embark on an exciting drawing and painting course where core skills are learned. The lessons are structured like workshops where they have the opportunity to see high quality demonstrations of practical skill and have expert guidance.
Much like learning a musical instrument, drawing and painting require repetitive and diligent practice and so we aim to make that experience enjoyable and inspirational. We also encourage students to regularly draw at home and when they are out and about.

Art and Design GCSE: Years 9 to 11

Art is a very diverse area of study which is a critical part of their wholesome education. Students learn how to observe in detail, to understand visual communication and most importantly, how to translate their creativity and inspiration into visual form.
The study of Art is truly rewarding, it provides an excellent platform for self-expression, freedom of ideas and concepts and the ability to explore a wide variety of high-quality materials. Students choosing Art are exposed to excellent resources and a wealth of knowledge and experience in lesson from outstanding teachers and practicing Artists.
There are three main projects in a year that follow inspirational themes and result in personal outcomes based on areas of specific interest. There are four areas of assessment in each project which make up the GCSE course:
· The development of ideas
· The refinement of work and exploration of materials
· Skill in drawing
· Presentation of work


Career progression

Art and Design is responsible for a huge part of our economic and cultural output in the UK, industries such as architecture, fashion, interior design, digital graphics, advertising, curation and museum professions, product design and commercial galleries are just some of the very many that drive our nation forward in being one of the most successful in these areas.