Media Studies

To access the curriculum statement for Design Tech & BTEC Media at Magna Academy, please click on the image to the right. Magna Books Template Media
Media, both in terms of academic and vocational study, is a live subject that aims to engage students. It aims to explore, understand and encourage them to make media products that reflect, shape and challenge the ideas and assumptions of the multi-media digital age of today.
As David Buckingham says above, the media, along with other powerful institutions, play a significant role in shaping our views of the world.  An informed, educated and creative learner of media can become the future shapers of production and critical analysis. 

What will I learn?

From Years 9 to 11, learners up until the 2018 exam will follow the AQA GCSE Media specifications (for YR9 from September it will be EDUQAS).
This qualification is examined at the moment through 60% coursework and 40% exam and graded at the end of YR11 (from 2019 it will be 70% exam and 30% coursework).  All coursework and research and assessment tasks carried out throughout the subject, until the final stages of the course, will help to build up the skills and confidence of all learners, will be assessed under exam and practical conditions.
The study of Media equips learners with a range of skills to help them make sense of a part of their lives that they are frequently exposed to, but are rarely made to consider its value and importance.  These attributes include research, analysis, pre-production, production and post-production competences, as well as evaluative skills.
Learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to become critically engaged citizens.  You will become more aware of the connections between different areas of Media key concepts and its application to the media products that surround you.
Learners will become increasingly capable of exploring the historical development of media through the study of a range of genres.  They will build on their understanding of key concepts linked to Media Language, Institution, Representation and Audiences.  Learners will extend their media vocabulary and critical engagement to talk about ideas around messages, values and ideas.  
Each Media group will follow a similar pathway, but there will be a number of opportunities for learners to carry out a range of case studies linked to the examined topics, in order to personalise their learning and be fully prepared for their end of YR 11 exams. .

What will I do?

Learners will cover a variety of Media topics and skills across a range of grades to help push them to be the best Media student that you can be. Learners will engage with a variety of activities inside and outside of the classroom, depending upon what you are learning, to enhance your learning experiences in Media. Some lessons will involve using ICT to develop your practical skills in desktop publishing, web design, audio and video editing.

What is the expectation of homework?

All homework will be set on a frequent basis and will be a mixture of pre-work, follow up work from the topics covered in the lesson, and building up learners own case studies for the future examined topics. The homework regularly set will often act as repetition of key topic areas that you will be required to know for your GCSE Media exams.  There are resources and writing frames linked to the homework’s set to support you in completing the tasks to a range of levels, and at times you will find it extremely challenging, in order to maximise your chances of achieving an A or A*.

What support and guidance will I be given?

There will be a range of key resources to support you in your learning of Media at Magna. One lesson every 6 weeks will be dedicated to act upon the regular guidance that your teacher has given you, to ensure that you make ‘Outstanding’ progress in Media. There will also be workshop sessions offered to all learners to attend during lunchtimes and after school, to gain additional support and new learning.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout Year 9 to 11 learners will be assessed each half term using previous GCSE Media Past Papers, to help you understand the standard required and to give you practice sitting exam-style questions. This method of assessment will also take place in relation to the coursework elements, where you will further develop your practical skills in preparation for your YR 11 qualification. 

What equipment do I need to be successful?

We expect all of the learners at Magna to attend their lessons with the correct equipment so that their learning is not affected. If you have your own cameras, that can certainly help you make even quicker progress.

What other opportunities exist outside of class?

We strongly believe that Media should not only happen in the classroom but should be experienced in as many different ways as possible. To this end, we try to involve you in a number of different activities. Learners will have the opportunity to take part in a range of internal and external practical experiences, which will enable you to compete against other schools and make you even more marketable for your future choices.