The Magna Curriculum

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Magna Academy Curriculum Statement
October 2019

Please click on the link above to view our academy statement.


Here at Magna Academy, we offer a broad and balanced academic curriculum, built around the core disciplines of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages.

We believe passionately that students perform best when working with peers of similar ability. As such, our classes are streamed and there are frequent opportunities throughout the academic year for students to change classes according to the progress they are making.
The subjects we teach at Magna are listed below in A-Z order, with a note in the second column to which Faculty within the Academy each subject belongs. Please click on the relevant subject for more information.
Icon 50x50 - Art and Design

Art and Design

Icon 50x50 - Media Studies Media Studies
Icon 50x50 - Business Studies

Business Studies

Icon 50x50 - MFL Modern Foreign Languages
Icon 50x50 - Drama


Icon 50x50 - Music Music
Icon 50x50 - English


Icon 50x50 - PE and Dance Physical Education and Dance
Icon 50x50 - Geography


Icon 50x50 - Religious Education Religious Education
Icon 50x50 - Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Icon 50x50 - Science Science
Icon 50x50 - History


Icon 50x50 - Sociology Sociology
Icon 50x50 - Mathematics


Icon 50x50 - Design and Technology Technology


Icon 50x50 - Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism