Enrichment Offers

Enrichment allows our students the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities that are quite different to their normal daily classroom experience. 

A full programme of activities is available again in this academic year. Enrichment activities are suspended during assessment weeks, allowing our students to fully concentrate on their revision.




TUESDAY PM Warhammer Club (with Miss Gurney):
Build, paint and play WarHammer.
7/8/9 F6 3pm 4pm
TUESDAY PM History Club (with Miss Widdecombe):
Explore certain historical eras, engage with sources, artefacts and documentaries. Certain staff to come and join discussions/talk about their own families experiences.
7/8/9 F57 3pm 4pm
TUESDAY PM Reading Homework Support (with Mrs Higgins):
Support for reading homework. Reading the text and answering questions. 
7/8/9 Library 3pm 4pm
TUESDAY PM Handwriting Club (with Mrs Higgins):
Handwriting support.
7/8/9 Library 3pm 4pm
TUESDAY PM HIT Club (with Mr Ginger):
High Intensity Training Club, using different methods of training to improve overall fitness.
7/8/9 Sports Hall 3pm 4pm
TUESDAY PM Hegarty Club (with Mr Stoddart, Mr Surrey & Mrs Richardson):
An opportunity to come and get support with Hegarty, discover more mathematical knowledge with the help of some experts!
7/8/9 F26 3pm 4pm
WEDNESDAY PM Gardening Club (with Miss Norris):
Students to sow/ grow and experience new foods.
7/8/9 G125 & Outdoors 3pm 4pm
WEDNESDAY PM Media Club (with Mr Kelly & Mr Nevitt):
A place for young people to develop expert skills and understanding about all things media. A space to engage young people and adults together as learners of media and literacy and a great place to hang out/share ideas with like-minded friends. A space in which to be creative and to experiment with technologies, to use the technologies in their own ways for their own means.
8/9 F8 3pm 4pm
THURSDAY PM Football (with Mr Ginger) 7/8/9 Astro 3pm 4pm
THURSDAY PM Gym & Dance (with Mrs Saxby) 7/8/9 Sports Hall & Dance Studio 3pm 4pm
FRIDAY PM Girls In Gloves (with Ms Stannard):
Boxing club for girls! For Years 8-10 but all welcome.
8/9/10 Main Hall 3pm