Our Rewards & Behaviour

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Here at Magna Academy, we reward our students for:

  • achievement
  • effort
  • good conduct
  • service to the community
We create many opportunities in the Magna community to receive rewards, particularly through Positive Behaviour Points and also in Celebration Events at the end of each term. Our Celebration of Achievement Assemblies are a wonderful culmination to all our acchievement celebrations.
We firmly believe that praising children, recognising and rewarding students’ positive behaviour, is the most effective way of ensuring all children feel valued and enjoy their learning.
All teachers and support staff use encouragement regularly at Magna because we believe passionately in celebrating and rewarding success. If young people are rewarded consistently for meeting our expectations and achieving their best, others will be encouraged to act similarly.
We use the following Reward Schemes to recognise our students in this way:

Positive Behaviour Points

These are awarded on the Progresso system as positive points. On a termly basis, we will count up their positive points and students will be awarded vouchers and/or prizes under Bronze, Silver and Gold categories.
Any member of staff can award PBPs electronically on the Progresso system under positive behaviour entry.
Positive points will be awarded for:
Above And Beyond 3 Points
Ready For Learning 1 Point per signature
Enrichment Club 2 Points
Reading 10 Points at the end of each Unit only

Department Rewards

The different subject departments are encouraged to make full use of a range of additional reward and recognition tools such as:
  • Positive text messages sent home
  • Praise postcards mailed home
  • Encouraging telephone calls home to parents/carers
  • Verbal praise for the student

End of Term Awards

These take place during regular assemblies.

Whole Academy Rewards

These include single events such as Attendance Reward Trips.

Zero Hero Award

These much sought-after badges are awarded on a termly basis. They go to students with zero negative points. Badgeholders get such privileges as:
  • Hot drinks tokens
  • Dining Hall fast-track past the queue
  • Vouchers and/or prizes.

The awards are graduated under a Bronze, Silver and Gold classifications system:

Award Criteria Reward
Gold 0 Negative Points over 3 Terms Gold Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £15 Cash
Silver 100% attendance over 2 Terms Silver Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £10 Cash
Bronze 100% attendance over 1 Term Bronze Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £5 Cash

Principal’s Award

At the end of each Unit, a nomination is given to the Heads of Year by tutors for one boy and one girl whom they believe deserve to win this prestigious award because of their continued hard work and effort in school.
This nomination is decided from the number of behaviour points a student has received, feedback given by staff and/or the contribution a student has made either in or out of the classroom.
All students who are nominated automatically receive 5 positive behaviour points, which is logged by the Head of Year. Heads of Year will then decide who to put forward for the award which is presented by the Principal.
These students are presented with a certificate, receive 50 positive behaviour points and are also entered in a prize draw to win £50 cash.

Attendance Awards

We know from experience that regular attendance at school is a significant contributor to achievement. In Years 7-11, we reward attendance on an individual and a tutor group basis. 
All students with attendance of 97% or above at the end of each term receive a film afternoon. Students with 100% attendance also get sweets and popcorn.
We also hold an annual competition at Magna to see which tutor group records the highest percentage attendance across each year group.
The results of the best attendance are displayed in the student reception, on the school website and on the information screens dotted around the school. Certificates are awarded once a term for the tutor group with the best attendance record. This tutor group will have a tutor group party for the final lesson of that term.
Students with 100% attendance at the end of the academic year will be invited to go on the Rewards Trip at the end of the year and are automatically entered into our Grand Raffle.
Badges will also be awarded for students will 100% attendance under Bronze, Silver and Gold categories:
Awards Criteria  
Gold 100% attendance in Terms 1, 2 and 3
Silver 100% attendance in Terms 1 and 2
Bronze 100% attendance in Term 1
100% attendance per term Certificate ♦ Badge ♦ Rewards Trip ♦ Grand Raffle ♦ Other Privileges
97% attendance per term Certificate ♦ Other Privileges

Everyday Rewards

We reinforce and encourage a positive climate for learning by rewarding behaviour as and when it happens.
Smiles, thumbs up, nods and approving phrases all contribute towards an ethos that encourages success. The conduct of staff has a profound effect on our students, so we display a genuine interest in the students, we welcome them and we greet them at the door.
The underlying principle at Magna is that we always reward academic achievement and behaviour that meets our expectations. Staff make clear to students through the shared learning objectives exactly what these expectations are. Rewards are issued by all staff both in and out of the classroom and are logged electronically.
Our Heads of Year are responsible for all matters across their year group, including rewards, which ensures that students’ achievements are always recognised and rewarded.

Academy Colours

Colours are awarded in both PE and Performing Arts. These awards are approved by the Principal.
Sports Colours are awarded for consistent membership of an Academy team, County team or higher, excellent team spirit and/or leadership of a team.

Subject Awards

Endeavour and Achievement awards at the end of the year, recommended by staff. Awarded at the Celebration of Achievement Assembly (years 7, 9, 10 & 12)

Aspirations Trust Awards

These awards are nominated by the academy's Executive Senior Leadership Team (ESLT) for students who have exemplified the following personal qualities:
  • Engagement
  • Purpose
  • Self-Worth

The Principal’s Award

This award is nominated by Principal and goes to the student who has most excelled themselves during the academic year.

The Magna Baccalaureate

Behaviour points can be added on the Progresso system as both positive or negative points.
On a termly basis, students will accrue net points from a combination of positive and negative points. Those who attain the required net points totals are rewarded in Bronze, Silver and Gold categories. In addition to this, students who have gone a whole term with zero negative points will be awarded the Zero Hero Award.
Students who achieve these twin milestones will be awarded:
Award Criteria Reward
Platinum 1750 Positive Points Platinum Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £60 Cash
Gold 1250 Positive Points Gold Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £60 Cash
Silver 750 Positive Points Silver Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £40 Cash
Bronze 500 Positive Points Bronze Badge ♦ Certificate ♦ £20 Cash


Magna Academy exists at the very heart of its Canford Heath community, where our students should always be model citizens and role models for others in that community.

The reputation of our Academy is vital to us. If a school has a poor reputation, in part informed by the way its students behave in the community, it has a direct impact by reputation on the employment opportunities of those students in the future.

So, our students are expected to wear their uniform perfectly from the moment they step out of their front door until they return home. In uniform, they are representing the Magna community and they need to be in perfect uniform to demonstrate a first level of respect that then extends to everything they do and say while wearing that uniform.

The Academy has the authority to discipline students who bring the Academy into disrepute outside of Academy hours.

Exclusion regulations provide the authority to exclude a student for inappropriate conduct outside the Academy if this conduct brings the name of our Academy into disrepute at any time.

We will issue sanctions to students who:

  • engage in any form of anti-social behaviour to and from the Academy while in Academy uniform
  • smoke while in Academy uniform
  • are not wearing the Academy uniform as expected.

When a Magna student is wearing his/her uniform, they are an ambassador for the Academy and its values.

If you should see any Magna Academy students causing disruption outside school or if you should see a Magna student in uniform outside school between 9am and 3pm, please give us a call on 01202 604222. We will act on every report we receive.


Our Magna community expectation is that all students will adhere to and follow school rules.
If, on occasions during the academic year, students have not met the required standard the Head of Year or Senior Leadership team reserves the right to withdraw any individual places from activities, trips and the Year 11 Prom Night.