Our Rewards & Behaviour

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Magna Academy exists at the very heart of its Canford Heath community, where our students should always be model citizens and role models for others in that community.

The reputation of our Academy is vital to us. If a school has a poor reputation, in part informed by the way its students behave in the community, it has a direct impact by reputation on the employment opportunities of those students in the future.

So, our students are expected to wear their uniform perfectly from the moment they step out of their front door until they return home. In uniform, they are representing the Magna community and they need to be in perfect uniform to demonstrate a first level of respect that then extends to everything they do and say while wearing that uniform.

The Academy has the authority to discipline students who bring the Academy into disrepute outside of Academy hours.

Exclusion regulations provide the authority to exclude a student for inappropriate conduct outside the Academy if this conduct brings the name of our Academy into disrepute at any time.

We will issue sanctions to students who:

  • engage in any form of anti-social behaviour to and from the Academy while in Academy uniform
  • smoke while in Academy uniform
  • are not wearing the Academy uniform as expected.

We will not hesitate to use these powers for the benefit of members of the Canford Heath community and to protect the reputation of the Academy for the benefit of our students. We also work in very close partnership with the local police for the benefit of our students and the community.

When a Magna student is wearing his/her uniform, they are an ambassador for the Academy and its values.

If you should see any Magna Academy students causing disruption outside school or if you should see a Magna student in uniform outside school between 9am and 3pm, please give us a call on 01202 604222. We will act on every report we receive.