Our Testimonials

RSC Letter 31st October 2016



“The transformation of Ashdown College of Technology into Magna Academy is a truly remarkable one.”

(Daily Echo, October 2014)

“The teachers inspire you to be whatever you want to be and emphasise that by giving you so many opportunities. There is a good bond between students and teachers now, you can speak to them about whatever you need to.”

(Year 11 student, September 2014)

“It’s a completely different school to the school it was three years ago. Children take so much pride in their appearance and they are so positive. My son is happy to come to school and he’s well supported.”

(Year 11 parent, October 2014)

"You see results transformed, you see children's lives turned around, you see communities better served by schools like this."

(Prime Minister David Cameron, during his visit on 15th December 2014)

"I want to congratulate the whole leadership here, and also the students who work so hard. I think you should be really proud of what you've achieved."

(Prime Minister David Cameron, during his visit on 15th December 2014)

“My child is really happy – I am delighted with their progress.”

(Year 7 parent, March 2014)

“From the moment you enter the state-of-the-art new building, a feeling of pride and self-worth oozes from every person inside.”

(Daily Echo, 2013)

“The change in behaviour in the community has been remarkable. The students seem to be completely different now.”

(Local shopkeeper, October 2014)

“Very happy with the school. Really feel like everyone is here to get the best out of my children.”

(Year 9 parent, November 2014)

 “Excellent communication, well run, a lot better than when it was Ashdown.”

(Year 9 parent, November 2014)

“We are very pleased with the support our daughter is receiving and the progress she is making. Thank you for all your support.”

(Year 9 parent, November 2014)

"As a local resident of Canford Heath for 27 years, I would just like to say a big thank you for the changes you have made to the school... Going through the Heath at school times used to be a bit of a chore; whilst the traffic is still busy - to be expected, it's a pleasure to see the pupils from your school, looking tidy, respectful and generally bringing credit to where they have been or going to. You really have made the whole place outstanding. I can assure you that I am not the only one that thinks this too. I have only heard positive remarks surrounding this. So well done to you and your staff."

(Local resident, February 2015)