Our Uniform and Equipment

We are very proud of Magna's smart uniform and we assume that all students will want to wear their uniform correctly at all times. If you would like to read the full Magna uniform policy, please just click the link Uniform Policy in the Documents section on the left hand side of this page.

All Magna Academy branded items such as blazers, jumpers, ties, PE polo shirts,  PE sweatshirts and PE socks can be purchased directly from the supplier, Brigade Uniforms. If you would like to purchase from them please click here.

Online Flyer

However, if you would rather purchase from us, please speak directly with the academy's Reception Team as we do have stocks of ties and PE socks avaliable. Any purchases made directly from us will not incur the delivery charges that would apply if you had brought them directly from Brigade uniforms.


Here at Magna we have a zero tolerance focus on equipment. The full list of essential equipment required by every student can be found HERE. If any items are misplaced or broken, replacements can be bought from our Reception Team at the following prices:

Items available from Reception team Price
Helix Maths Set £2.00 each
30cm long, clear plastic pencil case £1.00 each
30cm ruler £0.50 each
Protractor £0.20 each
Safe Compass (optional) £2.50 each
Compass £0.50 each


2019-07-15 - Magna Equipment Set