Admissions Appeals: Sep-2019

If your child has been refused a place at this school, their name will have been added to a Continued Interest List (waiting list). This list will be held until 31 December 2019.  

If you would like details or advice of the appeals procedure, please write to us at:
Magna Academy, Ashdown Close, Poole BH17 8RE
or telephone 01202 604222. 

If you have been unsuccessful in gaining a Year 7 place at Magna Academy for September 2019 for your child, and would like to appeal the decision, please download and complete the Appeals Form 2019, which you will find listed in the left-hand column of this page.

This form should be sent to Mrs Williams at the address stated above.

Should you wish to contact the Borough of Poole regarding appeals, their address is:             

Late appeals and in-year appeals will be heard in line with the deadlines set out in the School Admission Appeals Code.