Academic Years

For your child, our student, the academic years 7 to 13 are some of the most important they will live through.

The challenges that come their way as they grow into young adulthood are not just academic. At Magna Academy, we recognise the huge changes that your child will undergo - physically, mentally and socially - as they adapt to and begin to shape the world around them.

Ours is a precious responsibility. Together, as parents/carers and educators, we are collectively raising good citizens so that they can take their places in adult society with the maximum possible opportunities based on their studies and on the life skills they have developed during our time with us.

Just as the picture on this page illustrates, students come to us at age 11 very much as saplings. They need careful nurturing that encourages growth and, as they take root at Magna, so they begin to support and establish themselves.