Assessment and Reporting

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Student Assessment

Rigorous assessment is a key feature of student life at Magna Academy Poole. Teacher’s review student’s work at least every two weeks, checking progress and providing formative feedback. We believe that this is at the very heart of good practice.
Students are formally assessed twice a year, receiving:
  • Years 7-9: a percentage score
  • Years 10-11: GCSE grades
  • Years 12-13:A Level grades
The teaching groups for students are re-ordered based on outcomes from our KS3 assessments at the end of Units 3 and 6. Students are grouped together for all their subjects based on their average ranking against their peers.
To inform further setting, all Year 7 students are screened using Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs):
  • Verbal (Literacy)
  • Quantitative (Numeracy
  • Non-verbal (Abstract shapes and symbols)
Minimum targets are set for each student for the end of Year 11, based on their Key Stage 2 SATs outcomes and FFT (Fischer Family Trust) analysis.
Magna Panto 2017

Image: Backstage at The Magna Panto, 2017

Student Reporting
Every student will receive two assessment reports each year. These reports are informed by the student's two formal assessment weeks.
Further details on how we conduct our assessments at Magna can be found in our Assessment Policy. This Policy is reviewed and published annually.