Beyond Year 13: Uni and Careers


The journey beyond secondary education offers a bewildering array of pathways and choices for students.

We are currently developing this part of the Magna Academy website in consultation with our Sixth Form staff and students to ensure that we provide a comprehensive toolkit for those embarking on this journey and the families who will guide and support them on their way.

If you would like to add your thoughts to this process, please email us at

We have begun this process by starting to build in the left-side navigation bar of this page a library of documents that may prove helpful to you. More details on these documents is given below:

PDFicon   Apprenticeships: A Smart Checklist for School Leavers
A one-sheet, A4 toolkit jam packed with reminders for you to apply focus and self-discipline to your search for an Apprenticeship. Contains many excellent links to external tools and resources too. Has prompt questions to get you started and additional hints and tips to help you realise your dream of becoming an Apprentice.
PDFicon   What Employers Want 
This is a very comprehensive booklet, published by NIACE (The National Voice for Lifelong Learning). It provides a guide for young people looking for work, offering insights on what employers think of young people, what they are looking for in young people and how importantly employers rate qualifications and experience.
PDFicon   Making Education Work: Preparing Young People For The Workplace 
This PDF is a research paper that was commissioned by City & Guilds to understand employers' experiences of hiring and working with young people in Britain. It also takes a snapshot of employers' perspectives on how to train the workforce of the future.

Gateway To Growth: CBI/Pearson Education & Skills Survey 2014
A weighty document from the Confederation for British Industry (CBI) that addresses skills shortages, the apprenticeship system, the need for businesses to support schools and the standard of careers advice in the UK. As the foreward by Katja Hall reads:
"It's essential we build the right skills base if we're to support a rebalancing towards high-value, high-skill activities that will underpin our role in the global marketplace".