The Life Skills Company

In December 2016 our partners at The Life Skills Company spent some time with Year 11, introducing them to 'The 12 Techniques' for revision, which you can download from the right-side navigation bar on this page. They also enthusiastically promoted the proactive creation of revision products at the end of each topic.
It was lovely to see the sort of comments that our students gave about the session:
  • ‘Enjoyable and showed different techniques for revision’
  • ‘I liked everything – it was amazing’
  • ‘It gave me new ways to revise and it was interactive’
  • ‘It taught me a range of ways I could revise. It wasn’t boring. I learnt about techniques I didn’t know before’
  • ‘It went through revision techniques I’d never really heard or thought of. It was interactive’
  • ‘It was very detailed and concise’
  • ‘The new techniques were really useful and successful’
  • ‘Chloe was friendly and explained well in detail all the different techniques’
  • ‘I liked the involvement that we had. It made it more fun and easier to remember’
  • ‘Learnt new techniques, involvement, relaxing and friendly atmosphere’
  • ‘Opened my eyes to new revision techniques and made me realise how important it is’
  • ‘Chloe was nice and enthusiastic. Lots of variety and real life examples’
  • ‘I learnt not just to do it before my exams. Make resources now!’
  • ‘Encouraged me to actually want to revise and find new ways and techniques to do so’
  • ‘The interaction so you won’t get bored – it was fab!
At Magna Academy, we believe that the impact of this workshop can be so much greater by embedding these techniques in the classroom and we will move now to embed them as aides memoir in lessons and in Raising Achievement sessions.