Our Vision, Values & Mantras

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Our Vision

At Magna, we have a vision that seeks to transform each individual student’s life through our culture of high aspirations, hard work, resilience and compassion - empowering them to excel in an ever-changing world.

Our Mission Statements

At Magna Academy, we see our mission as striving to:

  • Provide a rich, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that engages all students providing them with a strong sense of purpose

  • Sustain systems and structures that encourage students to foster habits of excellence

  • Ensure excellent research led teaching that continually strives to overcome barriers to learning and the fear of failure

  • Uphold an inclusive and caring culture of mutual respect and acceptance, with high expectations and aspirations at its core

  • Provide an inclusive and diverse range of personal development and extra-curricular opportunities 

  • Actively promote and celebrate a range of post 16 and post 18 pathways


Our Values

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Our Mantras

  • Work Hard Be Kind
  • Excellence Is A Habit
  • Empowered By Knowledge
  • Aspire And Achieve