Our Vision, Values & Mantras

2019-06-20 - Website Page Headers - Mantras

Our Vision

The core purpose of the Aspirations Trust is to develop young people with the:
aspirations  ♦  skills  ♦  qualities  ♦  high-level qualifications

that will enable them to be the very best they can be. That will enabe them to compete with confidence on a global stage.

To achieve this in a highly-complex and ever-changing world, we have to ensure that our educational provision is always:
relevant  ♦  innovative  ♦  evolving

in response to changing needs and provides an outstanding education for all our students.


Image: Poetry Challenge in the Library (picture by Hope Burgess, Y10)

Our Values

Our values are pivotal to everything we do at Magna Academy Poole.

Based on a 30-year body of research, we have embedded:
♦ The 3 Guiding Principles (Self-Worth, Engagement and Purpose), and
♦ The 8 Conditions That Make A Difference

into everything we do and into all our future planning. You can learn more about this Values system by clicking on the link in the Our Values section on the left side of this page.

Alice & Amelia at Magnapellas Club

Image: Agnes & Amelia at Magnapellas Club

Our Mantras

At Magna, we have adopted four Mantras for positive thinking and high attainment aspirations. They are:
Climbing The Mountain To University  ♦  Excellence Is A Habit  ♦  100% Everyday. No Excuses.  ♦  Work Hard. Be Kind.
The word 'mantra' comes originally from 18th Century Sanskrit and meant 'a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation'. In its modern context, 'mantra' means 'a statement or slogan repeated frequently'.
We treat our mantras as a code for daily life in our community and we hope that they resonate with you too.
To learn more about them, please click on the relevant pages in the Our Mantras bar on the left of this page.