Our Parent Partnerships


At Magna Academy, our relationships with parents and carers are fundamental to the way we work. All too often, the experience at home of secondary schools is one of diminished access by comparison with earlier years.

We want parents and carers of Magna students to feel they can take a full and active part in their child's education and in the life they live at school. In part, we do this through the tools we offer up - such as ProgressoParent Portal and Show My Homework. In part, we are doing this by rapidly improving the way we set out this website and the ways in which we are using social media like Twitter and Facebook to communicate. And we welcome feedback from parents and carers through Parent View.

But there is no substitute for face-to-face contact and a sharing of thoughts and ideas towards a common goal - the best possible journey through school for our students and the best possible opportunities to equip them for the life beyond Magna Academy. We have two groups through which we generate parent-school debate and through which we create change.

You can learn more about our Parent Forum and our PTA by clicking on the links here.

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Mrs Warr
Assistant Principal