A Magna Education

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What kind of education will Magna deliver ?

Secondary education is a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. Demand and competition for higher-level education is growing dramatically as more countries develop effective education systems. Young people need to leave school with the 21st Century skills and qualifications needed to compete with the best in the world, as well as having the self-confidence and aspirations needed to succeed.

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Magna Academy Poole will:

We hope that you will be excited about the opportunity for your child to be part of the outstanding education that will be provided by Magna Academy Poole.

  • Magna Academy Poole will aim to provide each individual student with the keys to a successful life, as well as to give them a distinct advantage over other young people. By the time they finish their education at the age of 18 each student at Magna Academy Poole will be expected to have:
  • Achieved their personal best possible qualifications
  • Developed skills  relevant to success in today’s world
  • High aspirations: High levels of Self-Worth with the belief that they have the ability to achieve academically, personally and socially. Active Engagement in their learning, showing enthusiasm, as well as a desire to learn new things and a willingness to take positive, healthy steps towards their future. A real Sense of Purpose with clear goals and the ability and drive to achieve them. The desire and attributes to be good citizens.
    • Continually improve results to ensure that each student achieves their potential
    • Combine excellence in teaching with enjoyment of learning
    • Develop a distinctive character that reflects the strengths of the local community
    • Deliver a curriculum rich with opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy
    • Encourage creative and curious minds
    • Set targets and test regularly to encourage and support the progress of each student
    • Enforce high standards of behaviour and respect
    • Engender in each student high levels of Self-Worth, Engagement in learning and a Sense of Purpose
    • Provide each student with an excellent platform from which to move on to university, training or employment.