School Lottery

When you start supporting the National School Lottery there are two chances for you to win every week.
On joining, you will receive your own unique six-digit ticket number. Each school taking part has its own weekly draw which only their supporters are entered into.
This means you are guaranteed that someone from within our school community will win every week. And the more numbers that are issued within the Magna community, the bigger the prize becomes. The size of the prize will be published on the School Lottery Website leading up to each weekly draw.
On top of this, a separate weekly draw will take place where six numbers in the range 0-9 will be drawn at random. If your six-digit number(s) matches those six numbers drawn in sequence, you will have won £25,000!
You can join up for as little as £1. For this, you will have the chance to win a guaranteed prize for someone within our Academy. The more people that participate, the bigger the prize becomes and the more money you raise for Magna.
To play, simply follow the dedicated Magna Academy link and click the 'Support Now' button.
Our Magna Academy Winners to date are:
1st April 2017 Lynne Punchard
8th April 2017 Caroline Gregory
15th April 2017 (tbc)
22 April 2017 Sarah Franklin
29th April 2017 Caroline Gregory
6th May 2017 Shelley Fripp
13th May 2017 Diane Sullivan
20th May 2017 Neil Allen