Bus Routes to/from Magna Academy

At Magna Academy, we are very aware that many students make their way to and from us using public transport systems, sometimes taking more than one bus journey and sometimes by more than one transport provider.

Both More and Yellow Buses provide online information to help students and their families work out the best routes on which to travel, the timings of those journeys and have maps and timetables to help anyone who has to make an interchange during those journeys.

In order to help those using public transport, we have created links to the companies' websites below. These links will take you to maps and timetables that should assist you in finding the right route and the right links for your journey.

Please ensure you leave home in good time to make your journeys and that, wherever possible, you travel with other Magna students. Please make sure you take great care when stepping out into the road after leaving a bus and that you use all the road safety techniques you have learned to keep yourself safe in traffic. Always exercise caution and always try to use safe and controlled crossing points, especially on busy roads.

More Buses:          Timetables     Map

Yellow Buses:       Timetables     Map