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Dear Governor


Thank you for taking the time to check your details as held and published on the Magna Academy website.

It is important to the Academy that the details we display are as comprehensive and as accurate as possible and that they meet with your approval. In order to achieve this, we have created this web-based facility as a tool with which you can advise us immediately of changes as they occur rather than waiting for a review process to catch up with particular change events.

The 'Our Governors' page can be accessed here.

You may wish to save this page on your own browser's Favourites/Bookmarks in order to have it quickly available to you as and when you 

If the form below does not contain features that you believe should be added then please let us know by emailing here. We will rectify that anomaly as a matter of priority.

With best regards

Magna Academy Poole


Magna Academy: Governor Details
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