Stranger Danger

Parents/Carers should always be vigilant and report to the police any concerns they have on their way to or from school or within their community. 
It is advisable to encourage your child to:
  • walk in a group whenever possible
  • not talk to strangers
  • make your way direct to your destination
  • walk with a purpose

If you are not going directly home after school then always make your parent/carer aware or ask the school or a friend's parent to do so.  This will ensure that someone knows where you are and when to expect you.

When you cross the road use a proper crossing whenever possible. If this is not possible, then make it obvious to other road users that you are about to cross.
If a child is approached by a stranger they should:
  • ignore them, if possible
  • shout out to call attention to the situation, if they feel they are in danger
  • get into a safe place e.g shop
  • tell a trusted adult
Further advice can be found here:   NSPCC   Safety4Kids