Policies Under Consultation

Admissions Policy for Academic Year 2020-2021

Under this Policy, we are consulting on:
1.       the removal of the requirement to sit a Cognitive Assessment Test prior to application  
2.       the inclusion of ‘Previously Looked After Children from outside England’ as an oversubscription criterion
Under the terms of this consultation, we are required to:
Publish the proposed policy on our website.
Confirm the consultation period: Monday, 19th November 2018 to Wednesday 9th January 2019.
Confirm where comments on the proposed changes can be sent:
Place a notice on the Academy's social media channels: Twitter and Facebook.
Make available copies of the Policy under consultation in the Academy Reception area.
Display copies of a consultation notice poster both in and locally to the Academy.
Send an email to all staff and parents to raise awareness of this consultation period.
The Local Authority will:
Display all policies on the Borough website.
Place a notice on the Borough's social media channels, in email and on web banners.
Email all schools in the relevant area: Poole and all schools within a five-mile radius.
Email to FIS to send to all Early Years Providers.
Email to FIS to place information on Family Information Directory.
Email to all Poole Children’s Centres.
Inform local Dioceses.
Inform the Schools Admissions Forum.
Publish a Statutory Notice in the Bournemouth Daily Echo on Monday, 19th November