Meet The Teacher

Hello there.

We are Scott, Freya, Elliott and Hope and we are all Class of 2022 students at Magna Academy Poole. Together, we run an informal Media Club at the school because we are all mad keen to explore a range of Media projects and to broadcast Student Voice. We also want to give people outside Magna a look at the life of the school and the people who make up our community. 

This project is called Meet The Teacher.
Every now and again we will be interviewing and photographing one of the Magna teachers. We will be publishing each interview as a microsite and then broadcasting it via hyperlinks from the school's social media channels. You can also access the stories by clicking on the links on this page.
If you like what we do, please remember to click on the little 'appreciation' heart at the end of this microsite page. 
Thank you.

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(click on the teacher's name)
Views* Likes*
01: February 2019 Mr Harries 653 51
02: March 2019 Miss Clampin 525 24
03: March 2019 Mr Kidman 566 30
04: May 2019 Miss Cudapas 305 8
04: May 2019 Mr Surrey 294 9
06: COMING SOON!!! Mrs Giles & Miss Bennett    
  TOTAL 2,343 122

* as at 6 July 2019