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Thank you for wanting to learn a little more about Magna Academy Poole.

Ours is a vibrant learning community in which students, staff, parents and carers are all working together to ensure great outcomes for our young people.
We believe we are a school with a new outlook for a new age. Our goal is to provide an outstanding education and we
aim to ensure not only our students but the people of Poole are proud of the Academy and its successes.
We believe that all children can be successful, regardless of background, prior attainment or needs. We are passionate about excellence. About an education that gives students the very best start in life.
We believe that excellent teaching transforms lives.
We want all students to have high aspirations. To believe in themselves. To be actively engaged in their learning. To see
the connections between what they learn today and who they want to become tomorrow.
We believe that every child can achieve great things. We set exceptionally high targets for all our students and we all work
exceptionally hard together to ensure they are met.
Please visit Our CV to learn a little more about our key milestones at Magna.
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Image: Miss Poulton, Teacher of Science