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2019-06-20 - Website Page Headers - Community News

Welcome to our Community News page, where we will let you know about projects and other items of interest going on at Magna. Currently, we are running news on the following storylines:

Kenya 2020

An intrepid group of about a dozen students is trying to raise £4000 each - yes, each - to make the flight next summer with Camps International to visit Kenya. There, they will take part in much-needed conservation work with local people, with local environmental projects and with animal conservationists too.

Tesco Bag Pack

Image: Kenya 2020 Students: Sponsored Bag-Packing at Tesco, May 2019

Meet The Teacher

You know how it is when your children move up to secondary school and you start to feel alienated from what they are doing each day? Yes, part of that problem is because teenagers just struggle to communicate as freely as their younger selves. But part of it is because they have specialist teachers for different subjects and it's just hard keeping up. You don't get to know teachers at secondary school in the same way as you did before.

Well, we have a group of fabulous Media students at Magna who want to do something about that. They've been having a lot of fun descending on various teachers, armed with a notebook, a camera and lots of difficult questions. They do all this independently of staff and they publish their work to the web too.

Meet The Teacher Interview

Image: Elliott Butteriss conducts interview with Mr Harries, May 2019

School Lottery

We know that some people like a little flutter every now and again, so Magna bought into a national scheme that provides us with a weekly lottery that provides a group of us with a little anticipation, friendly rivalry and - most importantly - fun. In Community News, we publish the names of winners each week and we share our delight with them... especially when a winner donates back to the academy.