by Parents and Carers


  • We believe our child is capable of academic success and gaining a place at university.
  • We will support the Academy’s efforts by encouraging the best possible standards in our child’s studies.
  • We will respect the vision and ethos of the Academy.
  • It is through hard work on the part of our child, with our support, that their potential will be realised.
  • We will ensure that our child punctually attends all intervention and revision classes identified for them (these sessions are often after school, at weekends or during school holidays).
  • We will allow our child to go on field trips and residential trips. We understand this will mean that they may stay away overnight.
  • We understand that our child will have homework each night, including weekends, and that it will increase in length as they progress through the school. It is our responsibility to see that homework is completed.
  • We will support homework completion by providing a quiet working area at home for our child to study.
  • We understand if homework is not completed our child will attend after school Homework Detention, lasting up to 1hr 30m.

Healthy Living

  • We understand Magna will provide healthy hot and cold food. We will not give our child unhealthy food or drinks to take to school.
  • We will ensure our child has a healthy breakfast each morning before coming to school.
  • We will encourage our child to take part in sports and physical activities.


  • We will ensure our child arrives in school by 8:27am at the latest.
  • We will not plan for family holidays or other absences during term time. We accept that the Academy will refer any unauthorised absence of this nature to the Borough of Poole Education Welfare Officer, which will result in the issuing of a fixed penalty.
  • We will make certain that our child attends school every day, except in cases of illness or another legitimate reason. We will schedule routine doctor and dentist appointments during times when the school is not in session. If our child is absent, we will telephone the school before 8:00 a.m. on the day of the absence to report the reason.


  • We will make sure our child wears the full academy uniform to school each day.
  • We understand that uniform violations will result in the child being sent home to collect the items, or us bringing the proper items to school. If this is not possible we understand our child will be placed in isolation until issues are rectified.

Parent-Academy Communication

  • We will always make ourselves available to the school by providing an up-to-date phone number and e mail address.
  • We will read all reports carefully, attend all parent meetings and sign our child’s planner each weekend.
  • We will treat Magna teachers with respect and courtesy at all times.


  • We will support the Academy’s consequences for misbehaviour.
  • We understand that homework detentions happen on the day that they are given.
  • We understand that our child cannot be excused from any detention.
  • We understand that if our child commits a serious breach of the Behaviour Policy, that there will be serious consequences which may include fixed term or permanent exclusion.