Our Statutory Content

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The UK government requires that all academies, including post-16 colleges and any educational institution that has academy arrangements, should publish on their websites a particular body of information.

While this content appears in different places across the site, we have sought to make inspection and maintenance of these obligations more simple by creating on this page a set of links to all this statutory content.

In the unlikely event that any of this content should be unavailable via these links, or if the links should be temporarily disabled, please contact us at office@magna-aspirations.org. We will ensure the material is restored as a matter of the greatest urgency.

Admissions Arrangements Ofsted Reports: 2015 | 2018
Annual Report and Accounts: 2017 |  2018 |  2019 Performance Tables
Behaviour Policy Pupil Premium
Careers Programme Information Requests for Copies
Charging and Remissions Policy School Contact Details
Complaints Policy SEND Policy
Curriculum Trustees' Information and Duties
Equality Objectives Values and Ethos
Exam and Assessment Results: GCSE |  Post-16 Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium
Funding Agreement