Virtual School: News

Update 018:
Performing Arts Challenge   
23 June 2020, 02:30PM
Here are two new documents that will be used soon as support for the Magna Academy Transition 2020 Activities Pack:
Mr Ginger


Update 017:
Performing Arts Challenge   
19 June 2020, 08:30AM
Frantic Assembly are a fantastic and well known company that use Physical Theatre! My challenge for you at home is to watch the video link below AND see if you can come up with your own 'Chair Duet' Frantic style using yourself and one other family member (or more!). 
You can submit a video by uploading it to the assignment if you choose to take on this challenge! The winning entry will receive an edible prize or return to the academy! 
Staff and students entries welcome!
Miss Bennett


Update 016:
Performing Arts Classroom                                                                                  
04 May 2020, 11:30AM

Art KS3 Codes

Have you visited the KS3 Art classroom yet?
Lots of great opportunities here to dive deep into your creativity and unleash your artistry.


Update 015:
Performing Arts Classroom                                                                                  
20 April 2020, 11:50AM


Have you visited the KS3 PA classroom yet? No? Well, it's full of fab links to fun theatre, music and dance opportunities that are available on the web currently. No work - just opportunities for extra curricular expression!


Update 014: New Easter Extras on Virtual School!!!                                                                                

03 April 2020, 11:00PM
Miss Poore has organised us to create a whole bunch of cracking Easter challenges.
You'll find them in Virtual School, the first page down the list in the left hand navigation bar. Have fun!
These are completely optional. You are very welcome not to get involved... but where's the fun in that?


Update 013: New Performing Arts Classroom on Virtual School!!!                                                                                

03 April 2020, 11:00PM
Mr Kidman has added a new Performing Arts Room on Google Classroom.
Access it by clicking on the Google Classroom link in Virtual School. The access code is:  j2aljnl


Update 012:
Declaration Form                                                                                  
30 March 2020, 10:50PM
A letter from Ms Ullah was issued this morning detailing the arrangements for the Easter holiday period.
Access the letter here.


Update 011:
TYNKER added to External Links                                                
26 March 2020, 22:20PM
Tynker is the Number One Kids Coding Platform for kids, where millions learn to code. Tynker offers self-paced online courses for children to learn coding at home, as well as specially designed curriculum for schools and camps.
It is now offering free access to premium coding courses during the school closures. Click on the logo below for access.

Tynker 220x50px


Update 010:
KOOTH.COM added to External Links                                                
26 March 2020, 08:20AM
We have added to Virtual School an online service to support the well-being and resilience of students and families during these challenging times.
Kooth is a web based confidential support service available to young people. Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support designed specifically for young people.  
Kooth offers young people the opportunity to have a text-based conversation with a qualified counsellor. Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year on a drop-in basis. Young people can access regular booked online counselling sessions as needed. Outside counselling hours’ young people can message our team and get support by the next day.
When students register with Kooth they will have support available to them now and in the future. Support can be gained not only through counselling but articles, forums and discussion boards.  All content is age appropriate, clinically approved and fully moderated.
To find out more, click on the icon on the Virtual School home page:

Kooth 220x50px
where young people can register and others can find out more about the service. 
You can also view a short video about the service here: Video


Update 009:
Message from Miss Rasey to all students using Hegarty Maths 
25 March 2020, 12:25AM
Dear Student,
Hegarty Maths is experiencing unprecedented demand this week they have increased servers and the site is working, but is very slow at key times. Hegarty site will catch up In the very near future, but in order to improve your user experience in the meantime please try to vary the times you wish to use the site if you can. Between 8am and 9am then late afternoons or early evenings are better at the moment.
Additionally, the two sites below are also excellent resources and offer questions, videos and exam practice. There are no login details needed for either site.
Kind regards 
Vicky Rasey
Academic Director for Mathematics 


Update 008:
New Google Classroom codes from Miss Rood for Y12 and Y13    
25 March 2020, 10:00AM
After a little hiccup in our sharing profiles, we are back on track. Our apologies for the delay in sorting this out. The passwords for access to Miss Rood's Y12 and Y13 Google Classrooms are as follows:

• Year 12:   hupr2zw
• Year 13:   smyj35z


Update 007:
Audible UK open up their services to kids for free                 
24 March 2020, 11:20AM
A new feature has been added today to Virtual School as a clickable link in the left-hand navigation bar on the home page and on all academic year pages.

Audible UK 220x50px

The lovely folk at Audible UK have released a portfolio of children's books to listen to free of charge!


Update 006:
Some Tasty Drama Treats from the comfort of your own home!                 
20 March 2020, 14:00PM
Welcome to our newest Virtual Learning feature!
You will be able to find links below for recordings of two live performances by th N-Act Theatre Company:
Both are suitable for students of Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 to see on their own.


Update 005:
Google Classroom Codes                               
19 March 2020, 17:00PM
Google Classroom Codes have been published for your child to use at home. 
These codes will enable students to access their specific teaching group resources and continue and/or consolidate their learning. These resources are in addition to what can be found on Virtual School and will be updated when needed by our teachers.
It is important to have a wide variety of learning to complete, using the resources in these classrooms along with Hegarty Maths, Self-Quizzing, Unit 5 KS3 Reading Homework, Seneca and Tassomai.
Instructions can be found here on Virtual School about how to navigate some of these new resources.


Update 004:
Maths Mastery added to External Resources
19 March 2020, 13:00PM
On 19 March, we added a new feature, Maths Mastery. This external resource offers content in English and Maths, including material suitable for younger brothers and sisters of Magna students. You will find this new feature in the left-hand navigation bar of the VS home page and in the same place on all the individual pages for our academic Years 7-13. We hope you enjoy using this material.


Update 003:
External Resources: Access Codes
18 March 2020, 21:00PM
With the news of the partial closure (see Update 002 below), a number of parents have expressed concern on Facebook this evening that their son or daughter has not yet been supplied with the codes to access all the External Resources on Virtual School. Please don't be concerned. Events are simply running very fast and we are working to keep pace with them. These are unprecedented times.
Our teachers are busy collating all the necessary information on a single database. It is a sizeable task while trying to maintain a partially opened academy. Our goal here is to have a shareable set of codes in the next few days and to start the process of getting these home to you.
We are very appreciative of the patience of families while we finalise these arrangements to ensure all students have the necessary access codes. Of course, as things develop we will keep you informed either here or by direct personal communication. We all want the same thing - students whose education can continue with as little disruption as possible.


Update 002:
Launch of Virtual School
18 March 2020, 18:00PM
With the announcement this evening from Ms Ullah that Magna Academy has effected a partial closure of the school, we have launched the Virtual School and published a User Guide for students. You can access the guide here:


Update 001:
Coronavirus Update
11 March 2020, 08:30AM
We have received some email enquiries regarding rumours that Magna Academy is either closing or preparing for closure in response to the spread of Covid-19 in the UK. These rumours are false and should be disregarded.
At Magna, we remain open and continue to operate as usual.
As you might expect, we are closely monitoring events as they unfold and are following Government advice at all times. If you are awaiting updates, please rest assured that they will appear on this website home page. We will inform parents and carers very quickly if we have to close and will have contingency plans in place so that students can continue their education from home using our Virtual School facilities.
For more information on our Trust's approach to the Coronavirus situation, please follow this link to a letter that was recently sent home to all parents and carers.