Remote Education: My Virtual Library

Virtual School Library
26 March 2020

A word from our Virtual Librarian, Miss Gurney, on the launch of our new library service.

The library is currently under construction but we have launched it now to (a) bring it to your attention as soon as possible, and (b) get you reading as soon as possible.


Copy of DSC00530

Good afternoon, readers. How are you all doing?

Well, as the lockdown continues so we are trying to find more ingenious way of keeping you busy and/or entertained. There are lots of books that can be read online and the lovely people at Audible UK have thrown open their doors so you have the option to listen rather than read too. You can access Audible by clicking on this link.

You can also access the fantastic library resources at Read On, who have kindly opened up for school readers while we are all staying safe indoors. You can access this library by clicking on this link.

I hope you enjoy the Virtual Library, which is divided by Key Stage reading. If you're a strong reader, please feel free to explore the books in the other aisles...

...and the great thing about a Virtual Library is that you don't have to remain a minimum 2m away from the next person while you're browsing.

Have fun. And remember, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Take care and be safe. I shall see you all again soon.

Miss Gurney