Admissions: 2021-2022

Events in 2020-2021


Date Event Starts Ends
30 September

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we were unable to offer access to the Magna campus. Instead, we delivered a Virtual Open Evening, which included a virtual tour and a suite of presentation from the Principal and subject leaders.

This feature has been added to our website and was launched on 30 September 2020. We also forwarded information electronically to local feeder schools for sharing with Year 6 students and their parents.

You can still attend our Virtual Open Evening by clicking here.

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Process of Application for Year 7

To access BCP information on 'Applying for a School Place for September 2021' please click on the link here.

31 October The Local Authority Common Admissions Form (CAF – Secondary) must be completed and returned to the Local Authority for all admissions to Magna Academy Poole by this date. n/a n/a


01 March Notification of Offer of Places:
Parents/Carers will be informed by Poole Local Authority (or their home authority if they do not live in Poole) which school they have been allocated in writing by a letter posted on this date.
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15 March This is the last date on which parents/carers are asked to confirm their acceptance of the offer with the Local Authority in which they live. n/a n/a