Letters Home: Futures Online

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This page will be used to list all the letters home regarding Futures Online.

For now, until a series of letters is issued, this is the text of our first letter:


Dear Parent/ Carer

Re: Magna Futures Online: January / February 2021

You will remember last term when I wrote about a new initiative in Futures Education at Magna Academy called, Magna Futures Online.

Due to the need for social distancing many employers, universities and apprenticeship providers have been creating videos or live online sessions to support schools Futures Education. From extensive research it is know how important it is for students to have contact with employers as part of their Futures Education. At Magna Academy we do not wish for this lockdown to prevent our students from accessing quality advice and guidance about their futures, therefore we are blending our provision, combining school based futures education with Magna Futures Online. A further benefit of this online provision is that you can access the same support as your son/daughter and discover the many opportunities available. 


Question and answer session with Tim Peake

To launch Magna Futures Online for the New Year, I am excited to share with you an online presentation and question and answer session with astronaut, Tim Peake. This online event takes place on Thursday 21st January between 5-6pm. In 2015, Major Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station, spending six months on the Principia mission. This was designed, in part, to change how young people thought about space and to engage the next generation of scientists and engineers. Tim will be answering questions from young people aged between 11- 18 years old who could be joined by family members to also learn about his amazing work. If your son/daughter takes part in this event please can you make sure they complete a Google Form to let us know- link found here- https://forms.gle/wpPWou6ir4s5n7GVA 

Please use this link to book your place- https://www.futuretalentgroup.com/tim-peakeevent 


A Virtual Introduction to Careers in the Hospitality Sector 

On the same evening, Thursday 21st January between 6-7 pm, Dorset Careers Hub invites students in Years 10-13 and their parents/carers to join a Dorset Careers Live webinar introducing 'Careers in the hospitality sector' with The Marriott. The virtual event, delivered in collaboration with The Marriott, will provide you with an opportunity to:

Hear from a range of Marriott employees across finance, HR, catering and business management,


  • Learn about opportunities in hospitality including leisure and spa, food and beverage, kitchen, front office, operations management, sales, conference and banqueting, security, maintenance and engineering,

  • Gain information about qualifications, skills and experience required, and the different ways to get into a career in hospitality or hotel management,

  • Hear from a local employer and ask questions.

  • This is part of a series of planned Dorset Careers Live webinars to be organised with professionals from varying sectors in Dorset.

Please use this link to book your place- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dorset-careers-live-careers-in-the-hospitality-sector-marriott-hotels-tickets-132254489739 


Online work experience

Next month, there are many online work experience opportunities for students in years 10-13. Many of these experiences take place over half term and last the entire week. We recognise how beneficial work experience can be when for young people in terms of making decisions about their futures and developing very important employability skills. Again, at Magna Academy we do not wish our young people to miss these vital experiences due to our current situation, therefore I strongly recommend that you have a look at these opportunities with your son/ daughter and encourage them to participate if they see something which interests them. There is a further attachment with this email that explains what is available and how to register. 


Online University Taster Days 

As you will be aware, all university provision has had to go online and this includes Open Days. Please see the University Taster Days attachment with this email which lists some of the highlights of taster days and subject based sessions being run by universities all over the country. I strongly recommend your son/ daughter takes part in the subject based sessions if you are interested in those courses or would like to find out more about that subject. These university taster sessions may seem more relevant to students in our sixth form, but we believe that it is not event too early to start researching about your future so encourage students in younger age groups to participate. However, I appreciate that some of the opportunities are aimed at older students.


Spotlight: Careers in Law

Please see the final attachment that outlines where to find advice and guidance for students who are interested in careers in law. Furthermore the University of Law, which is a collection of national and international universities are running two online sessions for students who are interested in finding out more about different roles within the wider legal professions. These online opportunities are only available for sixth form students, but in Google Classrooms all students will find many resources about Careers in Law. 


Google Forms 

To allow us to track and monitor who is accessing this support, when your son/ daughter participates in Magna Futures Online please could they complete an online Google Form. With each opportunity I shall include a link to a Google Form which we ask your son/ daughter to fill in after their participation in the online event. The form can be found here   https://forms.gle/wpPWou6ir4s5n7GVA 



All resources for Magna Futures Online will be emailed to all parents and all opportunities will be posted on the website under the new Magna Futures Online logo and found in all students Futures Google Classroom. 

We appreciate that it is a difficult time for students to make decisions about their futures, but we hope that in sharing these opportunities we can support students to remain positive about their futures and what they can look forward to. We hope that our students can be inspired by an event they participate in which aid motivation and ultimately achievement. If there isn’t anything that interests your son/ daughter, opportunities will be advertised throughout the year, so there will be other chances to engage.



Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Stafford