Music Groups Update 
by Mr Kidman
26 January 2020
I would like to give all our website readers a quick update as we continue working hard here at Magna to build interest in our newly launched music clubs.
A number of students and staff have been asking how these are going, so thought it would be helpful to provide an update. 
We have a number of developing clubs and these are:
  • Keyboard Club
  • String Ensemble
  • Guitar Club
  • Magna Melodics
  • Brass Group
Keyboard Club (Monday lunchtimes)

This is going really well. We are consistently getting between 15-20 students who are coming in to practice. At times, we have even run out of keyboards, making us victims of our own success! The enthusiasm is a joy to witness.

String Ensemble (Tuesday lunchtimes)

This has been a bit frustrating so far for me and for the musicians. We have three cellists and three violinists in the school, but currently getting them all in the right place and with their instruments is proving elusive. We will all be redoubling our efforts to ensure that the Magna String Ensemble takes root and thrives!

Guitar Club (Thursday lunchtimes)
We are regularly welcoming around 12 students a week, which is a very healthy level of interest. We are very fortunate to have the fabulous Mr Churches running this club. He is not just one of them best guitar teachers locally but has a brilliant rapport with our students.
Magna Melodics (Friday lunchtimes)
Our new vocal group is regularly getting around 20 students from years 7, 8, 9 and 10. They are making a good sound, but we would love to see this number double. Singing is of great benefit for emotional health, and there will always be those going through difficulties who could benefit from the release that song provides.
The students keep coming back each week so we are guessing it must be fun!
Brass Group (Friday after school)

There are three students and me (Mr Kidman) currently in the brass group. We are already making a good sound and I have high hopes for this quartet. Although the brass numbers are low, we have every brass player in the school coming along, and are aware of some year 5s and 6s in Haymoor who play brass instruments.

This is hopefully the start of a brass revolution! 
Further plans for Music@Magna include a Spring Concert to show off not just the new ensembles, but the fantastic work produced in music lessons. Watch this space... date to be announced soon!