Art For Art's Sake

Miss Munro and Mrs Daniel have launched a fantastic new OPTIONAL Art Challenge for KS3 students at Magna.

Y7 & Y8: The 'Drawing-A-Day Challenge

Here is a list of your subjects:
thumbnail_30 Day Drawing Challenge
Complete one "drawing" from the list. You can use any material you wish - e.g. pencil, pen, paint, pastels, charcoal, clay, junk materials, etc. It can be 2D, 3D or digital. It can even be a photograph, animation or video!
The challenge starts form Monday, 4 May. You should aim to post one drawing per day (excluding weekends), but don't worry if you miss a day. This challenge will be active for the whole of the Summer term so there is plenty of time to catch up!

Please post your outcomes in the link above. I will be adding my own drawings and picking some of the best outcomes to be shown on the Magna Academy website! You can visit the site here:

Y9: The 'Movie-On-A-Toilet-Roll' Challenge

Your OPTIONAL challenge is to create your own 3D artwork in response to one of your favourite movies using a toilet roll tube as a starting point.
You can use what ever materials you like (pen, paint, pencil, card, fabric, etc.) and can add/remove parts of the roll to change the shape and form. You could also use a kitchen roll or wrapping paper tube.
You could represent the characters, plot, soundtrack, setting, genre, location, quotes, etc. or combine certain aspects of these.
Try researching (watching) a film to give you ideas, and also look at these examples by Art teachers for materials to use. There are a range of techniques, some more challenging than others.
You can create digital versions using a computer or apps to make stop motion animations.
When you have completed your sculpture upload a photograph to this link:

The best work will be selected by Ms Munro to go up on the Magna Academy website.

You can visit the site here: