The Sky's The Limit


Liam Cockwell, who is currently in year 11 at Magna Academy Poole studying Photography, has had a photograph selected for a reknowned Photography prize, Rankin 2020.

We suggested in a previous News item that Liam's work would be featured on SkyArts on 29 September. Our apologies for this. We had picked up incorrect information. Liam's photography will be appearing in week 5 of the series, which is the Nature section. So, in large typeface, remember to tune in to SkyArts (available to all on Freeview Channel 11) on...

Tuesday, 27 October at 8pm


Our Head of Art, Mrs Munro, spoke to Liam about his photograph. Liam explained that he had just acquired a new zoom lens for his camera and was testing it out by shooting aircraft in the sky and seeing how close up he could get. This resulted in some rather arty shots! His use of the #Rankin2020 hashtag on social media caught the attention of the competition organisers.
Liam is still 'looking skyward' for his next impressive shot and we will be following his progress as he does.
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