Today we are welcoming local Street Artist, Mirek J. Lucan on a visit to Magna Academy. Mirek is running a full-day Art workshop for Year 8 students.

Students will be working to complete Art, inspired by their local area in Mirek’s unique street art style that will be put on display around the academy. This will give students the opportunity to explore a new art style, experiment with materials and complete an outcome outside of their Art lessons. They will also gain a basic understanding of how an artist can become successful and how they have built their career.

The workshop is running from 9am to 3pm, during which students will be learning in a classroom setting and then working outside using spray paint to put that learning into practice. In teaching students how this Art style is rendered with care and respect, young people are encouraged not only to develop skilful techniques but also to behave respectfully and thoughtfully in creating their artwork.

Mrs Stafford
Assistant Principal, Futures & Community

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