Progress Update

Each Magna House has made significant progress in the last last week.

We now have new leaders!

Green house 02.03 Purple house 02.03 Red house 02.03

As you can see, Green House has taken the lead and have now travelled a whopping 2,493km! This means they have now travelled the equivalent distance of London to Athens in Greece!

Moving up to second place this week we have Purple house, who are currently somewhere between Paris and Athens having travelled 1,451km.

Going from 1st to 3rd this week is Red House, who are also between Paris and Athens on 1,025km.

As a whole school, we have now travelled 4,969km… what a productive week!

Keep tracking the activities you are completing for your house:

  1. Visit this link.
  2. Type in the academy’s postcode: BH17 8RE
  3. Select your House.
  4. Fill out the basic information about your activity!

Let’s see if we can shake the leaderboard up in the next week!


Mr Ginger
Teacher of Physical Education


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