Anning House get the Year 10 title, Webster Year 8 – but it’s ‘Two for Talbot’ as they claim a win for Years 7 and 9!

With our reigning champion Jacob unable to challenge again this year, there was everything to play for!  Stakes were even higher with the House Competition final result going to the wire during sports day on the penultimate day of the year.  Winning the Magna Geo-Bee crown could be a serious decider as the leading two houses are so close!

In the end, we had a Geo-Bee final winner from each house! Many congratulations to Anning’s Nikodem from Year 10 who won by ONE point!  An excellent effort by Annabelle to come such a close second.  Just two points helped Talbot’s Morgan lift the title for Year 9, but it was more clear cut for Year 8 where Webster’s Jakub ‘Kuba’ won it by 7 points!  Well done to Talbot House’s Tommy, who worked hard to learn those capitals, flags, and geo-factoids, and all the effort paid off – he became the new Year 7 champion.

So, we welcome a new overall champion this year…  Morgan (Year 9) got the highest score of the final – with 85% correct.

Another year, another great job, globo-pro’s!

Mr Selway

Final result:

Year 10:  1st – Nikodem (60 HAPs), 2nd – Annabelle (35 HAPs), 3rd – Ephram (25 HAPs)

Year 9:   1st – Morgan (60 HAPs), 2nd – Tymon (35 HAPs), 3rd – Emily (25 HAPs)

Year 8:   1st – Kuba (60 HAPs), 2nd – Jack (35 HAPs), 3rd – Alanna (25 HAPs)

Year 7:  1st – Tommy (60 HAPs), 2nd – Oliver (35 HAPs), 3rd – Luke (25 HAPs)

Congratulations to them, but also ALL the participants of the final, who earned 10 HAPs for making the competition so close:  Eliza, Freddie, Gytis,  Tyron, Aleksa, Sam, Joseph, Logan, Emily, Jake.

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