We are proud at Magna to offer a relevant and ambitious Sixth Form curriculum, consisting of high-quality Level 3 qualifications. Level 2 English and Maths retakes are also available. We provide three pathways of study that enable students to progress and succeed in their journey beyond the Sixth Form.

Students are able to follow:

  • an Advanced Level academic pathway
  • a Level 3 Professional pathway, or
  • a Combined pathway

depending on which is most suited to them as an individual. Students also have the opportunity to study additional qualifications and to undertake enrichment activities.

For details of individual course and entry requirements, please click here to read our:
Sixth Form Prospectus

Courses Available

Guided Independent Learning (GIL)

The Guided Independent Learning (GIL) programme has been designed to support students in their transition from GCSE to A-level. The programme equips students with the skills to research and to learn independently, it also examines attitudes to study and helps students to develop the habits that will allow them to be successful. This programme has been especially designed to provide guidance across the curriculum. Alongside this, students will receive timetabled independent study periods during which they will have the opportunity to complete wider research and reading further supporting their progress.

Aspirations Employability Diploma (AED)

AED is a programme unique to Aspirations Academies Trust. Study of the AED enables students’ continuous reflection with regard to career planning. It sets a framework formed around a series of driving research questions, and allows students to develop a range of professional skills to maximise their learning potential.

Using the RAR (Review, Analyse, Reflect) model, students embark on a journey of creative and adaptive thinking, providing wide ranging transferable skills supporting all Post-18 options. Students complete Individual and group projects in the fields of Health and Medicine, Engineering and Education, and are awarded the AED Diploma upon completion of the course.

The AED Diploma is awarded to students who understand what ‘professional behaviour, performance and delivery‘ means and is awarded at three levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze. A list of students successfully completing the AED programme is formally published on the Aspirations website.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is very highly regarded by universities as completing it shows clear evidence of motivation, resilience and independent work as it is a research qualification undertaken by students in a topic completely of their own choosing. Students are supported by a mentor within the Academy to reach an evidenced based conclusion. All students are expected to complete the EPQ as part of their programme of study.

Personal Development

The Personal Development Curriculum, offered through tutoring sessions, has been designed to enable post-16 learners to regularly evaluate and reflect upon their social and emotional wellbeing. Students can expect an hour of daily contact with their tutor, who will oversee all aspects of pastoral support during their time in Sixth Form. Students complete weekly review sessions, during which they identify achievements and set targets for action. This enables a reflective practice to be developed which underpins regular progress conversations.

Sixth form students follow a curriculum that far exceeds the qualifications they are taking. It prepares them very well for their lives beyond school
Ofsted, 2023

Support for students with SEND in the sixth form is particularly strong
Ofsted, 2023

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