2023: september

18 September Attendance Matters Mr Clark
18 September Assessment in Sixth Form Mrs Biddle
18 September Assessment in Year 11 Mr Buller
18 September Assessment in Year 10 Mr Buller
15 September GCSE PE change 2023 Mr Law
15 September Arbor Parent App Mr Clark
11 September Thorpe Park 2023 (Anning House only) Mr Ginger/Mrs Cook
11 September Parent Forum September 2023 Ms Mitchell
8 September Sleepout Mrs Biddle
8 September Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening Mrs Cook
8 September Associate Principal Letter Week 1 Ms Mitchell
7 September Personal Development Unit 1 Mrs Stafford

2023: august

4 August Woman in Black and SIX the Musical Mrs Webb
14 August Performing Arts BTEC Mrs Webb
18 August KS3 Dance Mrs Webb

2023: july

21 July Final letter of the academic year Ms Ullah
20 July Attendance Matters Mr Clark
14 July Staffing Update Ms Ullah/Ms Mitchell
13 July KS3 Assessment Point 2 Report Mr Buller
3 July Parents’ Forum July 2023 Mrs Stafford
3 July House Festival – Thursday 6th and 20th July Mr Ginger

2023: june

30 June Planned Strikes July 2023 Ms Mitchell
29 June Principal’s Letter June 2023 Ms Mitchell
26 June Coffee Morning Ms Mitchell
20 June Aerosols Miss Ridge
19 June Parent Survey 2023 Mrs Stafford
15 June Academy Day Structure Mrs Mashike
14 June Hot weather follow up Ms Mitchell
13 June Paris Trip update Letter June 2023 Mr Clark
9 June Year 11 Study Leave and Results Day Expectations Mrs Huggett
9 June Y7 Canford Heath visit Mrs Stafford
9 June Year 13 Study Leave Expectations Mrs Biddle
8 June Bournemouth Uni 23rd June Mrs Stafford

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