At Magna Academy, we are very proud of all our students, including all of those who have moved beyond Magna to continue their individual journeys. We want our former students to feel they are recognised and included in our wider academy community and we work wherever we can to keep them engaged with us.

They act as positive and realistic role models for our current students, who can learn about the different pathways students from Magna Academy have followed after their academy-based education.

Here are just a few examples of the routes some of our former students have taken:


  • Dario came over to England from Sardinia in 2014, joining Magna Academy in 2015.
  • Whilst at Magna, he fell in love with the Arts and decided to choose Music and Drama as two of his GCSEs. He was able to progress through to studying Performing Arts at Bournemouth and Poole College as Magna Academy did not have a sixth form at that time.
  • Dario is currently in his second year at Arts University Bournemouth studying Musical Theatre.
  • “I love the fact that Magna Academy has a Sixth Form for Performing Arts now, I would have definitely stayed on after my GCSE’s if this was an option!”



  • After leaving Magna, Lucy studied for a BTec qualification in Performing Arts at Bournemouth and Poole College as the academy did not have any sixth form Performing Arts course in 2018.
  • This then lead to a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Theatre with Arts University Bournemouth.
  • During her Foundation Degree, Lucy has also gained many skills outside of acting, from movement and voice lessons, to being a producer on a charity performance at the Black Cherry Theatre.
  • Lucy is now completing a third year top up course, which will give her a Bachelor of Arts degree in performing Arts.
  • When she has finished her degree, Lucy is going to complete a PGCE qualification, “so that I can teach drama in secondary schools, and share my passion and knowledge on Performing Arts with the next generation of performers.”



  • Amy was our Head Girl in Year 11 and was a great inspiration to younger students. In Sixth Form, she once spent a very attentative half-hour looking after a nervous Magna student on a Sixth Form Open Evening. After she returned to Mum, the student said:
    “When I grow up, I want to be Amy”.
  • She left Magna in 2019 to attend the University of Portsmouth, where she is studying Biology.
  • She hopes to go on to take a Masters in Microbiology.
  • Amy hopes to eventually take up work in the very topical field of research for vaccination and disease control.



  • Kyran was Head Boy in Year 11 and worked with Amy to represent the views of all students at Magna.
  • He went on to study in our Sixth Form and you can see him here in this image receiving his A-Level results that summer.
  • He left Magna in 2019 with a deep desire to join the Police Force but was too young at that time to sign up to the recruitment programme.
  • He spent a year working at a local water company before becoming eligible to apply.
  • In 2020, Kyran joined Hampshire Constabulary where he underwent basic training before being assigned to his station.



  • Joseph enrolled at the University of Essex to study Business and Management.
  • He had been Deputy Head Boy and then Head Boy at Magna during Years 12 and 13.
  • His original plan had been to opt for a 4-year ‘sandwich’ course, spending year three on overseas work experience however, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that Joe has had to rethink his plans.



  • Brooke was a student at Magna between 2014 and 2020.
  • She enrolled at Bournemouth University and Bournemouth and Poole College on a joint course to study Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
  • She tells us that the formal title for the course is: BSc & FdSc 3D CGI Modelling & Animation/Architectural Visualisation.
  • She would like to go into a film-making career in the future.
  • Brooke has a presentation to make later this year to potential future employers, which she is very much looking forward to doing.
  • If you’d like to know more, Brooke keeps a personal blog that tracks her degree. You can visit her site here.



  • Rebecca also came up through the academy and left Sixth Form in 2020.
  • She is now studying Modern History and Politics at the University of Southampton. Unfortunately, many of the societies she wished to partake in were curtailed due to COVID. However, she successfully auditioned for the Advanced Ballet Squad competition team, and did weekly rehearsals on ZOOM which kept her motivated despite online lectures and seminars. Rebecca also engaged in projects with the Holocaust Education Trust and gave a presentation on the discrimination of Jews before the Final Solution to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.


Alumni Group

An Alumni is the body of students who have graduated or passed out from an educational establishment. One of the main purposes of creating an alumni group is to support a network of former students who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of their former academy or school.

Here at Magna, we have a thriving Alumni Group of about 150 people on Facebook and we try to keep in touch with them whenever we can. Some of the profiles above are drawn from the relationships we have maintained through the Group. If you are a former student at Magna, we would love you to join.

Just follow the link here to Facebook.


 Year 11 destinations

Sustained education, employment or apprenticeship
Sixth Form School
Other education
Sustained employment
Sustained apprenticeship
2022/23 99% 54% 37% 2% 0% 6%
2021/22 100% 56% 42% 0.05% 0% 2%
2020/21 99% 44% 49% 1% 0.6% 4%
2019/20 99% 54% 42% 1% 1% 2%
2018/19 91% 53% 23% 0% 5% 9.5%
2017/18 91% 53% 23% 1% 5% 10%
2016/17 91% 45% 33% 1% 5% 6%
2015/16 95% 47% 32% 0% 9% 7%

Students in Years 10 and 11 receive quality and comprehensive advice and guidance about the diverse routes available at Post 16.

We are also very pleased that the number of students remaining in sustained education and employment significantly rose last year. We continue to support students to ensure they are on the pathway that best suits skills and career intentions.


Year 13 destinations

Following the completion of sixth form studies, students have many different pathways they can follow. The futures programme is an integral part of our sixth form provision at Magna Academy. The futures programme supports our students in making ambitious decisions about their next steps.

early applicant
leading uni applicant
ucas applicant
2022/23 8% 28% 56% 16% 20% 12%
2021/22 0% 9% 64% 0% 27% 9%
2020/21 0% 0% 50% 25% 0% 25%


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