Our Vision

At Magna, we have a vision that seeks to transform each individual student’s life through our culture of high aspirations, hard work, resilience and compassion – empowering them to excel in an ever-changing world.

Our Mission Statements

At Magna Academy, we see our mission as striving to:

  • Provide a rich, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that engages all students providing them with a strong sense of purpose
  • Sustain systems and structures that encourage students to foster habits of excellence
  • Ensure excellent research led teaching that continually strives to overcome barriers to learning and the fear of failure
  • Uphold an inclusive and caring culture of mutual respect and acceptance, with high expectations and aspirations at its core
  • Provide an inclusive and diverse range of personal development and extra-curricular opportunities
  • Actively promote and celebrate a range of post 16 and post 18 pathways

Our Values

At Magna Academy we are committed to providing a genuinely worthwhile education for all. We uphold an inclusive, caring culture of mutual respect and celebrating diversity, with high expectations and aspirations at its core.

We believe that the key to a fulfilling life lies in the attitudes that people develop whilst they are young: attitudes to other people and towards challenges and uncertainty. Therefore everything we do is centred on students being resilient, adventurous and self-aware.

We have a strong heartfelt sense of moral purpose and want all our students to feel safe and build their capacity for independent thought and learning. When our students leave Magna Academy we want them to be inquisitive, adventurous, honourable, kind and resilient.

This word cloud graphic has been designed to incorporate all our values in one attractive visual display that helps us to remember all the things we stand for:




Our Mantras









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