Our Magna Election was part of our broader educational initiative to engage students in understanding democratic processes, providing a hands-on learning experience for students, allowing them to better understand the electoral process.

A campaign team of students researched various policies of different parties and shared their findings with the entire academy. Students learnt about these policies and debated them with their tutors.

On election day, students voted in a manner similar to real elections, using ballot papers and voting booths. The results were counted by our Magna Academy Electoral Commission and announced at the end of the day.

We believe this mock election will be a memorable and valuable educational experience for all students, fostering a deeper understanding of democracy and their role as future voters.

The election could not have run without our fabulous Magna Electoral Commission, so many thanks to Taylor C, Grace B, Nathan B, Nikodem G, Moss B-P and Kevin N.

The results were as follows-

  1. The Labour Party
  2. The Green Party
  3. Reform UK
  4. The Liberal Democrats
  5. The Conservative Party

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