MUCHíSIMAS GRACIAS to all students who took part in the MFL Calavera House Competition by drawing, colouring, making bright and colourful skulls or baking cakes/cookies! We’ve had some really terrific submissions this year and it has been very difficult to narrow down our winners!

The competition was aimed at discovering and celebrating the Mexican tradition of El Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) which takes place at the start of November in most of Latin America. All entries received 5 HAPS each, however, an award of 20 HAPs each has been given to some of our above and beyond entries in the images below, congratulations to you all!

Finally, there can only be 1 winner in each year group and therefore, a special bravo to the winners of the competition:

  • Year 7 – Sophie M 7S-ASE (WEBSTER)
  • Year 8 -Hope H 8S-SCA (WEBSTER)
  • Year 9 – Izzy G 9S-BHY (TALBOT)
  • Year 10 – Emily C 10-KMD (ANNING)
  • Year 11 – Jade H 11TBT (WEBSTER

Thank you for all your efforts and creativity.

Miss Gomes


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