On Friday 22nd March Mr Crabb and Miss Beaven took eight Year 10 and four Year 9 students to the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament. We were delighted to win first prize at the intermediate level (years 10-11) and third in the foundation level (years 7-9). Eight Schools from across Poole attended the event held at Parkstone Grammar school. Students were paired up with students from another school creating teams of four.

The task set was challenging to all involved. Teams had to work together as a team, choose a team name and nominate a team leader, they had to plan and allocate tasks to team members. Everyone was involved in the design and had to agree on how to proceed. Teams had to produce a detailed portfolio including sketches and calculations of all actions carried out by the team.

The brief was as follows:

You are members of a relief team that is travelling cross-country and the way ahead is blocked by a deep river which may be infested by crocodiles. You need to cross the river and whilst there is no bridge, there is a suspended cable, which you should use to carry a relief parcel to the other side.

Your challenge today is to design, build and test a vehicle that can cross the river by running your vehicle on the suspended cable without dismantling it.

Foundation level had to get from one side of the river to the other, intermediate level had to get across and drop their parcel and the advanced level had to get across, drop their parcel and return. Marks were allocated for planning and teamwork, manufacture, design development, portfolio and final testing/achievement of aims.

It was wonderful to see the students grow in confidence throughout the day and even better to win. Abdul R and Freya B were part of the winning team and along with a certificate each and names to be engraved on a shield, received a £30 Amazon voucher. Harry V and Rhys C came 3rd in the foundation level.

All our students thoroughly enjoyed the day and these are a few comments from them:

  • I would love to do it again
  • I learnt a lot in that competition
  • I was happy with who I was paired with, we had a lot of fun
  • The teachers very supportive and helpful

This tournament was amazing. As the day went on I learnt more about electronics and had lots of good laughs. 100% worth it and would do it again!"
Abdul R, Year 10

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