10 August 2021

Every year we celebrate the academic success of our students, whatever that represents for each individual. This year we are delighted that our students’ abilities and efforts have been recognised and reflected in their results once again. The skill and professionalism of our teaching staff combined with robust academy systems means that our students have been awarded fair and realistic grades based upon Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS). Despite the challenges of the pandemic students, staff and families have worked hard together to produce superb outcomes. Our students will now progress onto a range of destinations including university and apprenticeships.

As a vibrant and growing sixth form it is important that prospective students can now join us with the confidence that they will experience an outstanding education here at Magna Academy Sixth Form. This outstanding provision and individualised support will see them achieve the very best grades, leading to incredibly bright futures for them all.


Ms Natasha Ullah
Magna Academy Poole



Individual Success Stories



Lewis Robbins

Back Story
We are incredibly proud of Lewis’ unwavering commitment and dedication to his studies throughout his time at Magna.  It has been a pleasure to watch Lewis continue to challenge himself and to excel, particularly in Mathematics, the discipline that Lewis now intends to pursue. Lewis tells us that the supportive yet rigorous approach from his teachers has aided him in securing outstanding results.

Lewis had originally planned to study Dentistry at King’s College, London.  Due to Lewis’ aptitude and passion for Mathematics, he has instead focussed his attention on an Accountancy apprenticeship programme offered by JP Morgan.

Next steps/University: Accountancy Apprenticeship, JP Morgan

Grades: Mathematics A*, Chemistry A, Biology A


Harry Harding 

Back story
Harry is an extraordinary artist, who has a significant talent for portraiture. A deep thinker, Harry has enjoyed exploring the elements of behavioural psychology and problem solving as part of his Psychology and Mathematics A Levels. Whilst collecting his results, Harry observed the current summer school in progress, and reflected that he in fact attended during the same week, seven years ago, and on the incredible journey and opportunities he has since taken. Harry is realising his dream of studying in Liverpool, a city that offers a wealth of diverse arts, history and culture. He explained that he hopes to “expand my horizons beyond what I thought could even be possible”.  Harry intends to focus on neuropsychology, progressing into the field of mental health, culminating in a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Next steps/University: University of Liverpool, Clinical Psychology

Grades: Psychology A, Art A, Mathematics B.


Stefan Anghel

Back story
Stefan is an exceptional young man, showing an incredible level of resilience.  Stefan successfully progressed within his academic studies whilst also working in hospitality in a supervisory capacity in order to support himself in living independently.  Stefan initially left Magna Academy at the end of Year 11 to study at Brockenhurst College, however quickly became aware that the level of support offered at Magna would better meet his needs.  Stefan therefore made the difficult decision to transfer back to Magna Academy in Year 13 to complete his programme of study. Stefan is thrilled to have been accepted into the University of Portsmouth, his first choice, and intends to explore a career in the field of Criminal Psychology.

Next steps/University: University of Portsmouth, Criminology and Forensic Studies

 Grades: Mathematics B, Biology B, Chemistry C.


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