On 8th July Ms Munro and Mrs Nicholl accompanied 15 students on a flight to Zanzibar joined by other students from Corfe Hills School, South Wilts Grammar School and Denmark Road High School.

We spent the week working in three schools, Kijito Upele, Fuoni and Kinuni School, situated within a community facing horrific levels of poverty. Visits to the homes of families highlighted the extent of this dire situation. Despite these circumstances, the people in Zanzibar were incredibly warm, welcoming, lively, with a sense of humour and joyous approach to life. Students from Magna Academy and the other schools completed tasks, such as laying down new concrete floors, painting classrooms, teaching lessons and sports coaching. Our visit was met with delightful smiles and cheeky faces! We were taken aback by the work ethic, motivation and adherence to high academic and uniform standards these students had, despite only having access to school for half of the day, sitting on a concrete floor with no tables and chairs and limited resources. It was evident that every student wanted to aim high and better their circumstances in life.

At the end of the week, we took part in a farewell ceremony at Fuoni School that was attended by the Minister of Education within the community where both UK and Tanzanian students gave performances, speeches and received gifts of thanks from the schools. We ended our trip with an Islands Adventure Day where students were able to swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, pet giant tortoises and buy souvenirs. Our experience did not end there as we were thrown a surprise party at our hotel by the staff who supported us whilst staying in their country.

The Magna Academy students were been fantastic. They showed resilience, empathy and worked incredibly hard. They are a credit to the academy, their families and to themselves.

There will be another trip to Zanzibar running in the summer of 2025. Please keep an eye on Parent Mail for updates about this in the Autumn Term next year.

If you would like to show support for the schools in Zanzibar, please visit https://www.african-adventures.co.uk/foundation/

Miss Munro


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